Acne Facial Treatment Kits

Acne Facial Treatment Kits

The Lira Clinical's Acne/Oily home care kit complements professional treatments to correct acne and redness, maintain a clear complexion and prevent future breakouts.

Beautifully balance skin through a unique approach utilizing powerful anti-inflammatory, brightening, and redness reducing ingredients. These products are designed to balance skin’s micro-biome while optimizing skin health through topical probiotic technology. Lira’s exclusive brightening and healing MASQ-tech™ innovation prevents future pigment formation and evens skin tone. A healing peptide delivery system offers active agents a skin-friendly pathway clarifying skin’s complexion.

I always tell my client's, "If you can't afford the service and the products, go with the products!" 

We can't achieve results without having the proper skincare products to address your skincare needs/maintain your results at home. Remember, what you been doing isn't working. I'm Brandi, your Houston Licensed Esthetician known for getting results. 

Lira Clinical's Travel Size Kits are a 2–3-week treatments. It's a great way to try out products before investing into the full-size bottles. I also suggest booking a consultation with me and Chemical Peel Treatment! 

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