iLuminating Beauty Oil

iLuminating Beauty Oil

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Luxurious brightening, hydrating and skin smoothing oil. Hydrates dry, dehydrated, hyperpigmentation, photo and environmentally damaged skin. Great to pair with Lira Clinical's Hydra C Serum. 

Key Ingredients:

Madoona Lily Stem Cells, Mastiha, Hemp Oil, Argan Oil,Cut Leaf Ground Cherry Extract, Baobab,Sea Buckthorn Oil, Vitamin C: BV-OSC, Pomegranate Oil.


Cell Repair, Skin Lightener, Strengthens Immune System, Anti-iflammatory, Replaces Natural Skin Hydration, Promotes Collagen Repair, Potent Antioxidant, Anti-aging, Skin Protectant, Wound Healer, Skin Brightener