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Lira Clinical

Lira Clinical PRO Brite-Plus Serum

Lira Clinical PRO Brite-Plus Serum

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Here’s a bright idea. Clinically brighten skin tone while preventing future dark spots from aging, acne, and environmental damage with Lira Clinical’s powerful new PRO Brite-Plus Serum. This advanced, innovative serum, formulated with stabilized vitamin C, Tranexamic Acid, Ferulic Acid, and exclusive MASQ-tech™ flips the switch on dull, fatigued skin to defy aging, minimize pore appearance, and naturally hydrate while supporting healthy skin barrier function. Turn on your skin with PRO Brite-Plus Serum.


• Manages pigmentation distribution throughout the melanin production process; from start to finish.

• Minimizes pore appearance while preventing trauma hyperpigmentation formation.
• Delivers potent antioxidant and brightening properties into the skin without instigating inflammation or irritation.
• Brightens dull, fatigued skin renewing a healthy, youthful texture and tone.
• Encourages natural hydration while supporting healthy skin barrier function.

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