ICE Sal Cleanser

ICE Sal Cleanser

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Foaming cleanser to reduce acne lesions, surface oil with antibacterial properties. For Oily, acne-prone and combination skin. Needs to used twice day for great results. Followed up your Pro Lite Serum, C4 Retinol Serum, Balancing Lotion.

Key Ingredients:

3% Salicylic Acid, Willow Bark Extract, Mallow Extract, Pepperment Extract, Echinacea Plant Stem Cells, Lilac Plant Stem Cells, Bearberry Extract, Mulberry Extract, Mastiha

Natural skin Brighter, Lightening,Cell Repair, Calming, Anti-irritant, Antibacterial, Antiseptic, Gentle Astringent, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory